Derek and Kara looking very artsy..

Derek’s desire is to see all things renewed and restored in his neighborhood and the world. He has served in a variety of roles within the Gallery Church family since coming to Baltimore in 2008–most recently as the Neighborhood Pastor at Gallery Church Patterson Park until January 2017. Now, as an engaged neighbor and in his work for HopeSprings, he enjoys serving alongside many different neighbors, faith communities, and organizations in Baltimore; all for the good of the city.

Derek lives with his wife in Highlandtown within a block of a church, a bar, two art gallery, an Italian market/deli, a Honduran/Peruvian restaurant, and a podiatrist. He enjoys things such as pour-over coffee, good books, and spending time with his aforementioned wife, Kara (though, not necessarily in that order). If all three of those things happen to coincide, it is a veritable trifecta of happiness.

[The thoughts, views, and opinions expressed on this blog are solely those of the author, and said author usually thinks he’s right, but is often shown to be in error. Read at your own risk, for he certainly is writing at his.]

I would love to hear from you. so feel free to contact me below.


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