John Calvin once said, “Among other things adapted for men’s recreation and giving them pleasure, music is either the foremost, or one of the principal; and we must esteem it a gift of God designed for that purpose.”

What follows are my attempts to join into that gift with pleasure, praying that it brings joy for others as well.

I just finished up recording a project with my brothers and sisters at Gallery Church called Identity. It is a 5-song EP, written as a collaborative group. You can listen and download here. The song “Freedom Come” is mostly written and sung by yours truly.

[Note: these are very rough demos made in Garageband that will be replaced eventually with more polished versions. Be gracious!]

The Great Someone

This is a song written in response to Pastor Ellis’s teaching on 1/30/11 entitled “What’s Been Planted”. It is taken straight from the Revelation of John, chapters 4-5 where John is able to see a great scene of this “Someone” sitting on the throne, surrounded by creatures and elders. We are called into this eternal song.

Ubi Caritas (Live in Charity)

This is a song adapted from a 4th Century Gregorian antiphon sung in masses for years in Latin.
It talks about the mystery that happens when we love each other. Somehow God is brought to full expression, even though we cannot see him (1 John 4). And this is true love (Charity).

Mystery Between

I wrote this song and sung it to her on our wedding day. It is my way of trying to capture much of what I was feeling as we stepped into our new life together.
“God only knows, God only knows how
To make new life spring up from cold hard ground
And God only knows, God only knows now
the mystery between you and me”

One thought on “Music

  1. Joseph says:

    Reading your blog I get it why last Sunday was so funny. You are really funny. Highlandtown is an eclectic neighborhood as you describe it and the Service was as eclectic as well. It fits perfectly with the craziness and creativity of Creative Alliance and the art in the area, I laugh a lot during last service. I never thought that Spanish and Hispanics were so funny. I wish the best maybe you will become as famous as Apollo in Harlem, good laugh for a Sunday morning.
    I suggest that you use an online translator to check your blog Spanish, unless it is intentional as part of that funny side of yours.

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