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Sunday Set-list: 3/18/12

(Other people do this here.)

What an incredible weekend we had. We LOVED having Ed and Lorna Dobson with us this weekend. Ed taught about Jesus feeding of the four thousand in Mark 8. You can listen to the podcast here (it’s usually up on Tuesdays). 

Harbor East 10am Gathering

Already Here Niequist
Aaron Niequist, a worship leader at Willow Creek in Illinois, wrote this song. I love the concept behind it. So often we pray things like, “God, show your face,” or “We want you to come here and be with us,” rather than confessing that He is here. We rarely are awake to His presence. But He is always around us.

Oh, Great God Give Us Rest Crowder
We used this song as a form of Daily Window meditation, recognizing that God is the source of our rest and the giver of all the things we need.

All My Fountains Tomlin
Chris talks a lot about how this song came about here.

Let it Rain Farren
It was fun to weave together the ideas of God’s blessing as water. We recognize that all we have comes from him, and that he is the one who controls how blessings fall.

‘Til I See You Houston
My favorite part of Sunday was Ed answering a question by simply stating “I don’t have a good answer for that question.” He went on to say that there are some things about the Scriptures that are troubling at times, and he plans on asking God on the other side. But he still believes the Bible and he still trusts. There is a line in the song that says “‘Til I see you face to face, and grace amazing takes me home, I’ll trust in You.” That can be hard to do. But in light of all that we have received from him, it really shouldn’t be.

Highlandtown 5pm Gathering
(we did a similar set with a few changes…)

Everlasting God Tomlin

We Believe Original
I think I wrote this song over 2 years ago! We were learning about how Jesus made all of these claims to be God and meet our needs. It seemed right, at that time, to call Jesus the “pantry” of bread as we are just one beggar showing another beggar the way.

Feel free to share any thoughts or reflections in the comments section!


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