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Election Reflection #1

The night of the election, as it became clear that Donald Trump would be our new President-elect, my mind and heart were racing. People were flashing into my mind and I was immediately wondering: “What are they thinking right now? How do they feel?” This, of course, was on top of my own feelings about the results, as well.I didn’t have to wonder long, thanks to Facebook and Twitter. Posts filled my news feeds of elation and exasperation, joy and deep despair and fear.


“I’m with Him, and He was put in office 2,000 years ago…”

There was one common thread I noticed first in some of the language of the posts. It was usually some version of “God is sovereign,” or “Jesus is still on the throne,” or “God works all things together for the good.” I had two thoughts as I read this. The first was: “Yes, that’s true.” The next came out as a burst of reflective tweets that I sent out that night. The first said this:

“reflections on this shocking night. 1)Many who are quick to say we need to not worry/trust God w/ results haven’t had to worry about much b4”

What I was seeing is that many who were saying this were people of considerable privilege. In an election where so much of the news making headlines have had to do with racial issues, immigration, and, to be frank, a lot of hate-filled language, I was wondering how people who were underprivileged or on the receiving end of much of the hate language were feeling about Jesus still ruling the world.

But here is one thing I have realized, I may be right about this statement I tweeted, but I also know I am definitely wrong about this, too. Ironically, my own privilege caused me to miss something way more profound: some of the most marginalized and oppressed people in our country are saying the very same thing—that they trust God with the results and are undeterred by them.

My sister and I were processing this together, and our conversation showed this fact to me. I am astonished at the profound depth of faith of many of my brothers and sisters who have endured disappointment and being maligned by many.

I don’t have a neat bow to tie this all up, but one thing I do know: I have learned way more from talking to people face-to-face about this and seeking to understand them. While I feel a bit sick to my stomach when people share truisms like the ones above about “God being in control” or “On the throne”, when it comes from someone who has way more reason to resent others in power, and they respond in quiet confidence and love, I know a great Power is at work in them. And it makes me long to have some of it.

**Feel free to comment or add some thoughts, just please know that I reserve the right to delete comments that get nasty or ridiculous. I am totally fine with disagreement (I am sure I’m wrong about lots of things and that we won’t agree about which things!), but let’s please be human and seek understanding. Cool? Cool.


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